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Email 2378, Oct. 2009, Desmogblog warmist Richard Littlemore to WSJ-Europe's Anne Jolis, copying Revkin: "The very fate of the world" may be in the hands of Steve McIntyre

Email 2378

Your readers deserve a careful look at this issue. The very fate of the world may hang in the balance. Leaving that fate in the hands of an amateur staistician - favoured over the science academies of every major nation on earth - would seem a specific deservice.


Anonymous said...

Heres a post from the old Canadian Blue Lemons website on Littlemore and Desmog. He's a lousy stupid journalist and passes judgement on Steve McIntyre, who at least has a post grad degree....Lemon

I published this two years ago on a tip from Ranting Sam. Today David Suzuki's Desmogblog posted a story on how the "Denialists" that's their latest sobriquet for those whom we refer to as us...

Note that Suzuki has a full time paid blogging team of I believe 6 people to influence public opinion and shred the reputations of anyone who disagrees with them.

I wonder - do donations to the Suzuki Foundation ever find their way Hoggan PR which is the Foundation's PR firm and publisher of Desmogblog??

From Feb 2007
In a previous post I brought to CBL readers' attention how the Suzuki Foundation's PR firm is running a blog ( that is dedicated to smearing the reputations of scientists who disagree with the fantasy-based strategies of Suzuki and his ilk.
This smear campaign is being run by Hoggan Public Relations, whose principal, interestingly enough, wrote this article slamming PR firms for doing work for organizations that he refers to as skeptic-scammers (SS). I guess in his world, only one side of a debate (his) can ever be represented by his profession. Hypocrite,
because their side of the debate certainly is calling upon PR pros to manipulate public opinion (as revealed by Ranting Stan).
The duplicitous nature of this exercise is fascinating. They impugn the credentials of every person who draws a different conclusion from available data and go so far as to try and destroy lives for their nevarious cause.
Their enviro-cult is conducting an inquisition on a scale not before seen in the scientific community.
And who are the main inquisitors?
Well, these ones are journalists (who as a group have generally accomplished little more than smoke cigarettes, use up newsprint and eat lots of doughnuts).
The guy who is leading the smear campaign of this impressive group of climate scientists is Richard Littlemore (appropriately enough).
His CV reports on his 20 years working for various dailies and how he wrote the David Suzuki Foundation’s first public information package on climate change. Other than that he appears to have been a passingly successful pisser and moaner from the Enviro-bafflegab side of things. He certainly has no professional credentials that would lead one to think that he has any more ability to interpret the science of climate change than, say, high school drop outs like Babs Streisand or Richard Gere.
His ultimate achievement seems to be that he is "a parent to three teenage boys who... deserve to inherit a world uncompromised by climate change".
Guess that means his kids won't be getting convertibles for grad gifts.
But the closing statement of his CV reveals his lack of knowledge. Even the most vocal "skeptic-scammers" agree that there is climate change. Has always happened and will always happen. That's not what the "SS" is skeptical of. It's whether mankind has any significant role in this change, and whether any actions we take can affect it. And we, the SS (following on their "Denier" label) do not believe that our species has any significant effect on the climate, nor that anything we do can have any effect (unless we invent a means of darkening old Sol).

Unknown said...

Every time you find another of my emails in the dirtpile of hacked ClimateGate detritus, I get a little knot in my stomach, thinking that you might have unearthed one of the truly caustic (perhaps even uncalled for) comments that I have made in a moment on anger or frustration.
Instead, you put forth emails like the one in this post - which, on reflection, I found both reasonable and carefully sourced. If Jolis, Revkin (or any of your reader, for that matter) click through and look at the evidence, the case makes itself.
So, thanks Tom for turning this up.
Richard Littlemore

Unknown said...

... and by the way, impressive investigative journalism in discovering the connection between the DeSmogBlog and Suzuki - which detail was deeply hidden in my biography on the DSB site.
But the idea that the Suzuki foundation gives the DSB money is simply silly. No non-profits that I know of can afford to shovel precious donor funding off to other organizations.
But, if you spent another five minutes on the DSB site, you would see that our favourite benefactor is John Lefebvre, who also supports the Suzuki foundation.
So there you have it: we have always been transparent about our funding. Would that Ethical Oil, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Institute, or the many dozens of other oily front groups working this file were nearly as forthcoming.

Anonymous said...

Youre a Suzuki stooge Richard - your boss Hoggan wrote the book on using PR to influence the AGW campaign. Are we supposed to believe you are unpaid? (other than by your convicted felon supporter Lefebvre).
Does none of Suzuki's Foundation money flow to Hoggan? Well, your firm is Suzuki's PR firm of record. So money does go from them to you. Is any of this money used to pay your staff of bloggers? Well, there is a team of forensic accountants studying this. Don't burn any accounting records. Lefebvre might not be the only convict working for Suzuki via Hoggan.