Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Email 3235, Mar 2004, more stellar paleo work by Phil Jones. Given that he was born in 1952, he calculates that he must have been 28 in 1970

Email 3235

[Phil Jones] Tom, I presume you meant Jan 18, 2005 ! In 1965 you would have been 25 - your heydey. Mine was when I was 28 in 1970 ! Some people do work beyond 65, but the examples I've heard of have only been doing teaching

[Wigley] Phil, Good news. You are correct, my 65th bithday is Jan. 18, 1965. I thought retired persons were allowed to be employed up to one-third time for the next 5 years?

Phil Jones (climatologist) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Philip D. Jones (born 1952) is a climatologist at the University of East Anglia,


Anonymous said...

Jeez, neither one of these guys seems capable of doing simple math.
Wigley thinks he was born in 1900.
Well, maybe their math is ok but the rest of what they believe of their existence is completely wrong!? That might make more sense given what they've been doing with concluding how the world climate works.

Anonymous said...

It's Tom's birthday today. Happy Birthday Tom. Hope you're having a good time.