Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Check out this 1998 email from UEA's Mike Hulme on using climate propaganda to mobilize opinion and maybe get WWF funding

Email 2381

[From UEA's Mike Hulme, 1998] Having seen our UKCIP report - summary and science I hope - what do you think the potential is for us creating parallel country-level scenarios for a sample of countries (or even all) around the world? What I have in mind is a 4-sided fold out colour brochure for each country, using some of the analytical and presentational techniques in UKCIP98. These brochures would provide standard scenarios for the countries concerned, informative for a wide range of managers and policy advisors, not too technical but authoritative and attractive. Our UKCIP98 report has had a huge impact in the UK in mobilising opinion (in fact even as I write, I've had a call from the Dept. of Health which, having seen our scenarios, now want a brainstorming workshop to advise the Minister!) and it could have similar impacts in other countries. The scenarios would all be IPCC-compatible so link in with IPCC statements.

Of course the reason for raising this is too see where we might get funds from. WWF come to mind (WWF could have prominent billing re. publicity), but you may have other thoughts on options.

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