Sunday, January 15, 2012

Email 4887, Dec 2007, Phil Jones: "There are too many journals...and all have difficulty finding qualified reviewers"

Email 4887

There are two problems/issues in the climate field

1. Journals publish papers by Courtillot et al (and probably shouldn't). They give some unscrupulous people an excuse to say there is disagreement amongst climate scientists about what is happening and how much WE are to blame. Courtillot et al may understand magnetism, but they don't understand the climate system. I don't try and publish on magnetism! People think they can publish in the climate field without knowing little about the literature. There are too many journals (and still growing) and all have difficulty finding qualified reviewers.

2. The media are constantly picking up geo-engineering solutions to the climate change issue. This gives the public and some politicians a belief that there is a fix around the corner. There isn't. The only way to slow the increase in temperature is to reduce emissions.

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