Thursday, November 24, 2011

Warmist Mike Hulme: "Sexing-up evidence is so easy to do, isn't it?"

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Sexing-up evidence is so easy to do, isn't it?
> Reading your letter in the EDP today makes me wonder who your source inside
> the Tyndall Centre was supplying you with such exaggerated evidence?
> Surely  it wasn't me, was it? Treating Dick Lindzen with the esteem of flat-
> earthers; could this claim have been inserted by politicians seeking to make a
> dramatic point to their audience? Or was it really what the experts in the Tyndall
> Centre think? Perhaps we need an enquiry.
> Don't worry - I'm not thinking of committing suicide should I be exposed
> as the source of this story; but then again, it couldn't have been me, could it?
> I didn't say that after all; all I said was that we are well aware of Dick Lindzen and his arguments (in fact, Dick Lindzen is a pretty smart meteorologist who just takes a more cautious view of the scientific evidence for human causes of global warming; similar in caution in some ways to David Kelly even).
> Yes, sexing-up is so easy to do. Be warned.
> Mike

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