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1997 ClimateGate email: IPCC's Rob Swart asks WWF for help in getting scientists to endorse the climate hoax

ClimateGate FOIA grepper!

date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 08:41:34 +010 ???

from: Rob Swart
subject: Re: European scientists' letter 2 -Reply
to: Merylyn McKenzie-Hedger [WWF]
Dear Merylyn,
I am very happy that you are enthusiastic about the idea of presenting a
letter by European scientists to the Kyoto negotiations. What we had in mind
was a similar procedure as in the US. After the initial drafting of the
letter by a limited number of scientists (done), an ngo with more
time/resources would take the letter and start collecting signatures through
their network, primarily through email, but possibly also through mail/fax.
I think we have reached that step. What would be needed is WWF distrbuting a
message/letter from WWF accompanying the scientists's letter explaining the
plan on their behalf. The letter should be relatively "objective" not to
scare scientists that they are used in an unscientific ngo advocacy action.
That is why we have approached you rather than Greenpeace, Climate Action
Network or Friends of the Earth. I am sure you have your own network of
climate scientists, screening the IPCC reports for IPCC lead authors would
be an important second step. The people that are in the process now (like
Mike Hulme, Joe Alcamo, Jill Jaeger, Pier Vellinga and others) will also
provide you with as many names and addresses as they can come up with. I'll
talk to Adam Markham about it next week. I propose that we start providing
you with names/addresses now. In addition, other ways of collecting
signatures may be through leaflets distributed during scientific climate
meetings in Europe? Several hundreds of signatures would be the goal,
including key people. Unfortunately, sofar we only came up with few names
outside Germany/UK/Netherlands.

Rob Swart - Initiative internationale pour repenser l'├ęconomie

He has been active for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) since 1989 in the area of scenario development. From 1998-2002 he was Head of the IPCC Working Group III Technical Support Unit.

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