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Email 2511, Feb 2008, Phil Jones brags that much of the IPCC's "Physical Science Basis" is based on his work; he also admits that the IPCC's Nobel Peace Prize was a "political gesture"

Email 2511

Here's a little snippit that might be useful to add. WG1 has 11 chapters. I have at least one of my papers (as first author) referred to be each chapter except Ch 5. Mostly each chapter refers to between 1-6 papers, although it is more for Ch 3 that I helped write. I have just looked through Ch 5 and a paper of mine is there, but I'm not first author! I am enjoying the experience more and more as I begin to slowly forget the time and effort it all took. I would do it again, more likely as an RE, as then you get some of the experience without all the effort. Seeing the volume come out and going to the final plenary in Paris was good. The Nobel Peace Prize was , however, the icing on the cake for all the effort. I know many skeptics have referred to this award as a political gesture - but this has always been the case.

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[WG1] This section of the report, Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis, assessed current scientific knowledge of "the natural and human drivers of climate change" as well as observed changes in climate. It looked at the ability of science to attribute changes to different causes, and made projections of future climate change.

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