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Email 1025, Oct 2009: Two trees here, five trees there, make for trillions of dollars everywhere...

Email 1025

[Tom Melvin] Keith is being criticised for how the trees used in the recent end of the Yamal chronology were selected from the larger quantities of trees available. For the two JAH tree used we have the rest of the chronology (25 cores in all). The 5 POR trees were selected from12 cores. For the 5 YAD trees used there would appear to be missing numbers. Do you have the other series which were left out? Attached are correlation reports for the JAH and POR sites. We need to be able to explain that the selection was based on a few trees from each site, tree were selected that clearly show the common high-frequency tree growth signal, and the longer series were selected to achieve a better overlap with the sub-fossil series and also to increase the preservation of low-frequency variance when using the corridor standardisation. We must show that the selection of trees was not made to support global warming. The YAD data shows an increase in tree growth and we need to show that all the trees from which we could have selected also show this increase.

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