Sunday, February 05, 2012

Email 1101, Oct 2008, UEA's press office writes to Reuters, claiming that UEA has "Conclusive proof that polar warming is being caused by humans...Major blow for climate sceptics presumably"

Email 1101

From: [] Sent: 27. oktober 2008 10:56 To: Subject: Conclusive proof that polar warming is being caused by humans

...Details below about a UEA-led Nature paper which demonstrates for the first time that humans are responsible for warming of both polar regions. Major blow for climate sceptics presumably...
Simon Dunford
Press Officer
University of East Anglia

Hat tip: M. Hulme


Anonymous said...

Again, they SAY they have conclusive proof that is a "major blow for climate sceptics," but they never show it or their sources for the claim. Even if they're wrong, their credibility that's going down the toilet could be saved if they just showed their work and allowed it to be criticized. That's how science is supposed to work.

TravelerDiogenes said...

The paper is a joke. There is no proof at all. It takes instrument data and then compares it to two "simulated" - i.e., modeled outputs. As they often do, they confuse model outputs with being actual data.

Case closed. GIGO.