Thursday, December 01, 2011

More settled science: Olga Solomina raises questions

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Antarctic is still a big mess - there are so big discrepancies that it is not clear to whom believe. Plus it is obvious that we do not know what is a climatic trigger of glacier advances in this region, response time might be huge, the reservoir correction problem etc. I will continue to study this problem, but at the moment it would be better just not mention it.

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In this relation - I am getting more and more concern about our statement that the Early Holocene was cool in the tropics - this paper shows that it was, actually, warm - ice core evidences+glaciers were smaller than now in the tropical Andes. The glaciers in the Southern Hemisphere (Porter, 2000, review paper) were also smaller than at least in the Neoglacial. We do not cite Porter's paper for the reason that we actually do not know how to explain this - orbital reason does not work for the SH, but if we do cite it (which is fair) we have to say that during the Early to Mid Holocene glaciers were smaller than later in both Northen, and Southern Hemisphere, including the tropics, which would contradict to our statement in the Holocene chapter and the bullet. It is probably too late to rise these questions, but still just to draw your attention.

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