Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Email 3207, June 2005, Jonathan Overpeck on how to handle that inconvenient Medieval Warm Period

Email 3207

9c) I'm sure you saw the recent (to be infamous) Wall Stree Journal editorial - they showed what I think was a IPCC FAR curve - with the good old MWP and LIA etc (Lamb view? - I don't have the FAR w/ me). The way to handle the hocky stick might best be to put it in an historical perspective along with the older IPCC views. First, show your great figs, discuss them and what went into them, and then - after showing the state-of-the-art, discuss how much our understanding and view have changed. In this, simply compare each of the historical views (FAR, SAR, TAR) to the current view, and while doing so, play down the controversy (s) - especially the hockey stick. The smart folks will realize that that the fluff in the news is just that, but those with a real stake in that debate will hopefully get the point that it doesn't matter...

10) lastly (almost), I'm sorry to ask again, but I still want to know what is wrong with Tom Crowley's latest plot with all the recons shown together back through the Med W Period? I need to send you my edits on the MWP box, but it seem to me that Tom's fig could go in that box - to help make the point that - sorry, guys - the MWP wasn't much compared to the recent GLOBAL warming...

The Hockey Stick: A New Low in Climate Science

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