Sunday, December 04, 2011

2007: UEA's Alan Bond takes UEA scientists to task for not behaving as if they actually believe in the global warming hoax

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1) UEA recently completed an "Energy Awareness and Conservation Initiative" survey, with a sampling of staff from several Schools asked to complete the survey (it took less than 10 minutes out of my day to complete). Shortly before the survey closed, ENV had the *lowest* response rate from any School, prompting an urgent plea from Chris Vincent that we take action and complete the survey. ... 2) My sources tell me that, on average, 4 days out of 5 in the week, the LGMAC kitchen recycling bin contains items that cannot be recycled. This despite an email ~2 months ago from a concerned postgraduate student reminding us about this problem, and despite large notices posted in the kitchen. If a supposedly highly educated section of the public, whose lives and careers are dedicated to Environmental Science, are unable to follow simple instructions to separate rubbish from recyclables, what possible hope can there be for the rest of the country?? There are many other examples - how many of us leave our computers, monitors, TVs, etc on standby in our offices and homes? ... Reay points out that many of us (and I think this includes a lot of scientists) make one or two minor changes to our lives, to assuage our guilty feelings towards our impact on the environment, but in reality these changes are all but insignficant.

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Anonymous said...

What about the plant and tree food (CO2) emissions added to the atmosphere when those 'scientists' travel to exotic locales to have meetings on ways to limit food for plants and trees?