Monday, January 16, 2012

Email 4950, May 2002: Details about the Tyndall Centre's climate change hoax show for children

Email 4950

1b. Children’s climate change show
The Tyndall Centre has developed a 45-minute show about weather, climate and climate change for school children. The show incorporates exploding hydrogen balloons, fogs generated by liquid nitrogen, candles extinguished by carbon dioxide and other demonstrations to raise an awareness of climate change issues in an entertaining and attention-keeping manner. Audience participation is encouraged with hands-on activities during the show, while the serious nature of climate change is portrayed using video and PowerPoint presentations. The show premiered before an audience of 500 students at the University of East Anglia Christmas Lecture in December 2001, and is being repeated at venues including the Cheltenham Science Festival and the Royal Institution. Success gauged by feedback received from audience and parents after shows and requests for repeat performances.

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