Thursday, January 12, 2012

Check out email 5177 (1999): Here's the actual code that allegedly told us how much the planet will allegedly overheat

Email 5177

c guessc = first order estimate of mid-year value in year J (=0.5*(C1+C))
c guesst = first order estimate of tau = mean lifetime over year during
c which conc changes from C to C1
guessc = 1.5*c - 0.5*cm1
guesst = 1.5*taum1 - 0.5*taum2
xcos = cosource*(guessc/ch4bar90)*(tau90/guesst)
+ + vosource*(evo/evo90)


MAGICC consists of a suite of coupled gas-cycle, climate and ice-melt models integrated into a single software package. The software allows the user to determine changes in greenhouse-gas concentrations, global-mean surface air temperature, and sea level resulting from anthropogenic emissions

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