Friday, February 03, 2012

Email 2429, April 2005, Phil Jones admits that he may not be able to find the code that McIntyre wants, and "it is likely to be hundreds of lines of uncommented fortran !". There's also a "variance correction" that McIntyre doesn't know about

Email 2429

date: Wed Apr 27 09:06:53 2005 from: Phil Jones

Mike, Presumably you've seen all this - the forwarded email from Tim. I got this email from McIntyre a few days ago. As far as I'm concerned he has the data - sent ages ago. I'll tell him this, but that's all - no code. If I can find it, it is likely to be hundreds of lines of uncommented fortran ! I recall the program did a lot more that just average the series. I know why he can't replicate the results early on - it is because there was a variance correction for fewer series. See you in Bern. Cheers Phil


rg said...

Classic!! Thanks for what you are doing. GO GO GO !!!

Anonymous said...

At minimum, these guys are sloppy. A critical part of their work, and "it's 300 lines of UNCOMMENTED code" ... which, on top of that, they can't find. ?? We base the fate of industrial civilization on the sloppy, intentionally deceptive work of these mininally moral morons?