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Email 5114, April 2007, Phil Jones: "Even GHCN and NCAR can't say where they got their data"

Email 5114

For the other (Eschenbach) I can't produce a simple list with the information he wants. As I said I can produce a list of the sites we currently use. I think this would take about an hour to do. It isn't as simple as it sounds as I need to go through the list of stations in the database and extract those not used - which involves using 2 other files.

What I can't do though is say what their sources are. I just don't have this information for the same reasons as in the other request. We didn't have the data storage resources in earlier decades to keep this information. It is also likely that quite a few stations are a mixture of sources.

Also, he fails to realise that GHCN and NCAR are databases and the ultimate source of all data is the respective NMS in the country where the station is located. Even GHCN and NCAR can't say where they got their data. They will say it comes from each NMS, but they know (and I do) that some comes from scientists in the country.

So, what he's asking for isn't possible - not for UEA (and not for GHCN and NCAR as they are not the original source).

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Anonymous said...

Imagine a student turning in a paper and claiming that they just can't say what their sources are exactly. Now, imagine a scientist doing the same thing with a paper upon which trillion-dollar decisions are being made. You don't have to imagine. Phil Jones and Michael Mann admit to using dodgy data they can't share time and time again. Why are they still able to even hold a job, ANY job? I know day-laborers with more ethics and integrity.