Sunday, February 05, 2012

Visualizing 1200 KM Trend Extrapolation | Real Science

You absolutely can not determine the trend from an isolated  location 1200 km away. Trends vary tremendously over very short differences, as seen in the USHCN trend map below.  Hansen’s extrapolations are simply not valid.

Der Spiegel Feature…”The Climate Rebel” Fritz Vahrendorf…Germany’s Climate Debate Starts To Rock!

Even the timing of the weather is cooperating!  When citizens pick up their copy of the flagship magazine tomorrow morning at the newsstands, they’ll be shivering in temperatures down to -20°C, as Germany remains gripped in its coldest February freeze in 25 years. Temperature tomorrow morning in Berlin are forecast to dip to a frigid -17°C with no warming in sight.

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