Sunday, November 27, 2011

Focusing on the right things: In October 2009, as the CRU scandal erupted, UEA points out a typo in the word "allegedly"; says "opposition always want to dive into the detail...The detail gives them scope for 'interpretation' and devilment."

ClimateGate FOIA grepper! - Email 2943

From: David_Robinson [mailto:???] Sent: 19 October 2009 22:45 To: ??? Subject: Climate Research Centre crisis spreads

Sir, I draw your attention to the growing international climate change scandal that is engulfing the CRU and dragging the reputation of it, and Norfolk, through the mud.

After several weeks of open criticism of the use of a particular, alledgedly flawed, CRU dataset there has been no attempted rebuttle by the CRU. Latest information suggests that dozens of 'peer reviewed' scientific papers that relied on the same dataset are now 'similarly flawed' and should be withdrawn. This, unfortunately, draws into question a fundamental part of the IPCC conclusion - namely, whether the recent global warming is in fact abnormal and hence attributable to man.

I think the continued silence by the CRU on this subject profoundly worrying given the importance of the topic.

Any light you can shed on this whole sorry story would be greatly in the public interest, especially given the Copenhagen summit fast approaching.
subject: RE: Climate Research Centre crisis spreads...We should tell the EDP that this correspondent not only can't spell (for heaven's sake 'alledgedly) but they are simply misguided in their assertions. I wonder if in our statement, however, we might try to rise slightly above a straight fight over the allegations. Most people seem willing to accept that the climate is changing and that mankind is at least partly responsible - I wonder if we should press on that rather than the detail?
...Appreciate that it is an entirely different approach but my sense is that the opposition always want to dive into the detail partly because the scientific process and the way conclusions can be drawn is confusing to many people. The detail gives them scope for 'interpretation' and devilment.
...Alan Preece Director of Marketing and Communications University of East Anglia

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