Tuesday, November 22, 2011

ClimateGate 2.0

New Climategate Emails « Climate Audit

New climategate dossier here. See notice from “FOIA” here and subsequent comments as well as discussion at Jeff Id here.

I’ll comment later after I have a chance to look at things.

Climategate 2.0 - the Air Vent

It happened again.  I woke up to find a link from FOIA.org on a thread.   Thousands of emails unlocked with 220,000 more hidden behind a password.  Despite the smaller size of the Air Vent due to my lack of time, there were twenty five downloads before I saw it once.  As before, there are some  very nice quotes and clarifications from the consensus.  Below is a guest post in the form of a readme file from the FOIA.org group. – Jeff

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