Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shocked, Shocked to Find That Fraud is Going on in Here | finem respice
Update: Looks like the "missing" hockey stick data has been found:


If so, that there is the ballgame.
Those hacked CRU files...
That said the genie is well and truly out of the bottle and there is massive public interest involved in authentication of purported reasons for a multi-trillion dollar effort to re-engineer society and its energy supply. Moreover, mobilizing the web's army of document authenticators may be the fastest way to discover if there has been any attempt to perpetrate a hoax (it has certainly been effective before, to the detriment of certain politically motivated media personalities).
With transcript: Al Gore on SNL
Al Gore appeared twice on Saturday Night Live to promote his new book.

Gore first played himself in a skit. He was a guest hawking his new book, Our Choice, on the talk show, "What Up With That?"
GORE: And I come out every year. I'm like Punxsutawney Phil, but do you know what it means when I see my shadow? It means the earth is dying. Have you been outside today? It's 60 degrees in late November. I mean there's a Christmas tree in front of this building and guys are wearing flip-flops. You can't say this isn't real.

MEYERS: Look, I never said this isn't real. I just said you might be taking it too far.
Book Review: CLIMATE SERVITUDE, CLIMATE CHANGE, BUSINESS AND POLITICS by Jean-Michel Bélouve | Climate Realists
Jean-Michel Bélouve describes the climate of hate which reigns among climate scientists, where anathemas, insults and slanders are commonly being traded between “alarmists” and “deniers”. This is not a worthy and suitable way for scientists to behave, and this shows to what extent politics has corrupted this professionnal environment.

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