Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Piling Up in Bismarck
Snow is piling up around North Dakota, including in the capital city. The National Weather Service says the snow depth at the Bismarck airport has hit 20 inches -- the deepest in more than 30 years. The last recorded 20-inch snow depth at Bismarck was in March 1979.
Border Counties Advertizer - Cold snap splits ancient Chirk tree
A TREE near Chirk believed to be among the oldest in Europe fell victim to the big freeze.

The famous Crogen Oak has stood deep within the Ceiriog Valley for the past 1,200 years.
Michelle Malkin » The global warming scandal of the century deepens
Eco-hysteria doesn’t deliver world peace. It threatens it.
More cold temperatures on tap this week | | FLORIDA TODAY
Bundle up: Today is Day 3 in a streak of seven consecutive nights of near-freezing lows in the 30s across the Space Coast, National Weather Service meteorologists predict.
It Doesn't Matter What You Do, You Just Caused Global Warming
Blizzards only the latest of hundreds of claims left uses to argue climate heating up while their science claims go into deep freeze.
Climategate is just the tip of the iceberg | The Australian
The chief moral to be drawn is simple. In an area of policy where so much is at stake, and so much remains uncertain and unsettled, policies should be evolutionary and adaptive, rather than presumptive as they are now; and their evolution should be linked to a process of inquiry and review that is more thorough, balanced, open and objective.

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