Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An Environmental Reformation
The reform liberalism and realistic environmentalism contemplated in this effort won't sweep all before it, and, to extend the analogy offered above, the Counter-Reformation of the established interest groups will be ferocious. Part of what is going on here is a generational transition (Shellenberger and Nordhaus are in their 40s), and the fossils of the environmental movement-- the Al Gores and Carl Popes-- won't change their minds or their ways. And to be sure, even a modernizing liberalism will have many points of friction with conservatism. But this seems the most promising effort at self-criticism by our liberal cousins in a long time.

I happened by chance into a conversation with a program officer for one of the major liberal foundations in New York a few months ago, and asked, "So-- what do you think of Shellenberger and Nordhaus?" He responded: "They're a couple of a*******!" Pause. "But they're very smart."
Climate sensitivity clouded with doubt | Australian Climate Madness
The paper is technical, but its conclusion shows that anyone who says “the science is settled” is either ignorant or wilfully deceptive.
10,000% Of Yellowstone To Burn Up | Real Science
The trees require about 120 years to mature, so each tree will burn to the ground four times during its life.

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