Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Healing the planet: Left-winger Andy Revkin goes after George Will

Calling George Will, Science Defender - Andy Revkin -
As I wrote in January, when a columnist really cares about something — as was the case with Will’s assault on climate science — he really puts his shoulder to it in repeated volleys.
Flashback:  NYT issues correction to front page climate story – Monckton: “offends grievously against all of these [journalistic] principles.” | Watts Up With That?
Monckton wrote the following to New York Times Public Editor and Readers’ Representative Clark Hoyt, Esq., on April 28, 2009:

“The New York Times guidelines for staff writers on ‘Journalistic Ethics’ begin by stating the principles that all journalists should respect: impartiality and neutrality; integrity; and avoidance of conflicts of interest. Andrew Revkin’s front-page article on Friday, 24 April, 2009, falsely alleging that a coalition of energy corporations had for many years acted like tobacco corporations, misrepresenting advice from its own scientists about the supposed threat of “global warming”, offends grievously against all of these principles.”
Flashback:  Andrew Revkin's attempt to smear skeptics detailed! | Climate Realists
Why do skeptics need a “consistent" explanation of climate shifts other than CO2? That is your chief contention and it is completely bonkers!
Remember when the fair-and-balanced Revkin diligently investigated the sources of Al Gore's $300 million global warming hoax fund? I don't.

Remember when Revkin disapproved of whistle-blowing *against* his side, while advocating whistle-blowing *for* his side? I do.

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