Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Overheated planet update: "Especially biting cold winter" hits South Africa, site of the next major UN global warming hoax meeting

Editorial: Cold comfort to the needy
Just when South Africans think the worst of an especially biting cold winter has passed, Mother Nature makes a U-turn and returns-with devastating results.

As our paper reported on its front page yesterday and today, the cold front, accompanied by gale force winds, snowfalls and flooding in some provinces across the country, has wrought havoc around the country.

Some in the scientific world are quick to pronounce the freak weather as a sure-fire sign of global warning and it is now time for humanity to reap the whirlwind. Cold comfort to people out there who do not even understand what global warming is.
Snowed in: motorists tell of cold night - Newswatch - East Coast Radio
The rain clouds appear to be lifting in KZN, but it's still freezing at Van Reenen's Pass - where traffic is backed up for a second day due to heavy snowfalls in the Midlands.

Traffic authorities closed the pass between Durban and Jo'burg on Monday night because the slippery snow and rain made the steep stretch of road too treacherous to navigate.

Hundreds of motorists spent Monday night and last night on the road. Some East Coasters managed to slip through when a lane opened to allow emergency vehicles through yesterday.
These listeners, who were stuck on the Pass last night say it was unbearably cold.

"The army took a long time to get there and there were people really getting cold, and they were hungry," one listener said.

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