Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Warmist Gavin Schmidt wants it both ways: Local heat waves are climate; cold snaps are just weather (and by the way, did I mention how small the US is)?

It's Hot! But Fox Only Talks About Global Warming When It's Snowing | Media Matters for America
NASA climatologist Gavin Schmidt told Media Matters it's "very probable that any particular heat wave happening now will be shown to have become more likely because of global warming," adding: "Of all the different extreme events that can happen, the partial attribution of heat waves to ongoing climate change is one of the easier connections."

Schmidt explained that there are a number of questions to ask when considering whether global warming may be contributing to extreme weather events...
2010:  Scientist Discusses Latest Report of Rising Global Temperatures
NASA: Many have noted that the winter has been particularly cold and snowy in some parts of the United States and elsewhere. Does this mean that climate change isn’t happening?

Gavin Schmidt: No, it doesn’t, though you can’t dismiss people’s concerns and questions about the fact that local temperatures have been cool. Just remember that there’s always going to be variability. That’s weather. As a result, some areas will still have occasionally cool temperatures — even record-breaking cool — as average temperatures are expected to continue to rise globally.

NASA: So what’s happening in the United States may be quite different than what’s happening in other areas of the world?

Gavin Schmidt: Yes, especially for short time periods. Keep in mind that that the contiguous United States represents just 1.5 percent of Earth’s surface.

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