Friday, November 25, 2011

McCain suggests that he still believes in the global warming hoax

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McCain:  "We can emphasize sustainability...I believe that climate change is real, but until we convince the American people that we can attain progress in that area through helping make money...we're not going to be able to achieve much of a result."

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Brian G Valentine said...

There seems to be three groups of people who believe in this fraud:

- People who actually study it, and have concluded it is a farce, and privately admit it among themselves (like the Mann and CRU groups), but publicly say they believe it to keep grants flowing

- Liberals, who are lambasted by other liberals if they question it and told they can't be "real" liberals if they don't believe it

- The extremely gullible, who believe everything they are told anyway (and McCain is one of these).

There is no way to fix the first two groups, but the third can be influenced by tabloid newspapers and expose TV shows.