Monday, November 28, 2011

OMSI explains canceling global warming panel

OMSI marketing vice president Mark Patel says the organization is willing to be associated with a debate over the causes of global warming, but not a one-sided presentation. Patel says OMSi has offered to host a debate on the topic organized by the Oregon AMS chapter in the future.

"When we host something, people naturally assume we endorse it, so we want to make sure that it's a balanced presentation. We want to see more of a conversation than a one-sided presentation," says Patel.

Debt dumps on Durban - Washington Times

Economic woes threaten cash for climate change

Climategate 2.0 is here! |

[Great one-stop shop for juicy ClimateGate 2.0 emails]

Major ad company refuses to run anti-coal billboard, says enviro group :: The Hook

The billboard (which can be seen here) denounces the coal export facility as "North America's largest exporter of global warming."

Canada adds its objections to $100-billion climate fund - The Globe and Mail

The Harper government is joining the United States in raising objections to a planned $100-billion (U.S.) a year climate fund that is designed to bridge differences between rich countries and the developing world.

Heading into the United Nations climate conference in Durban this week, the United States has made it clear it will not support the current proposals for the climate fund over concerns about how the money would be raised, lack of verification of how it is spent, and an unwillingness of major emerging countries to commit to legally binding emissions reduction.

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Anonymous said...

The 28 Nov 11 - 14:30 GMT+2 United States of America COP17 Press Briefing made it pretty clear that the Obama administration was committed to forking over gobs of money(5billon+ over the last two years) to the developing world in the name of CAGW. Listen for yourself.

Paul in Sweden