Saturday, December 03, 2011

Hiding The Incline In Arctic Ice | Real Science

Government experts  have been telling us this week that Arctic ice has continued to decline since 2007 at record rates.
...Actually, the ice is freezing at record rates.

FOIA is not enough. Why not legally mandate transparency in climate research? A Modest Proposal… | Watts Up With That?

Those who advocate the CAGW hypothesis should welcome such legislature — if they have nothing to hide and their results can indeed convince “97% of scientists” as claimed, then they should make it easy for those scientists to not just read their published results (working from hidden data) but to be able to verify how their work advances from the hiddent.  They, and their “cause”, can only benefit from a completely data-transparent process if their conclusion is correct.

Collide-a-scape » Blog Archive » Collide-a-scape >> The Climate Middle Ground

Being in ‘The Middle’ has this almost mythic quality to some. In science, it’s often just halfway between a right and a wrong answer.

Climate fund talks in disarray as US refuses to sign deal - Climate Change - Environment - The Independent

Emergency talks are continuing this morning in a bid to rescue a proposed climate fund which is central to securing meaningful resolutions from the UN's climate change conference in Durban.

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