Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Outlandish claim by NASA Goddard warmist Daniel Hillel: "All phenomena will become more intensive in a warmer world"

World Food Prize winner says climate change impacts everything
The Israeli scientist being honored in Des Moines this week with the 2012 World Food Prize is warning that climate change will make a difference in food production worldwide. Daniel Hillel pioneered innovative irrigation techniques which helped improve the growth of crops in arid regions around the world.

More recently, Hillel has been researching ways for agriculture to adjust to a changing climate. “Altogether the climate will change. Its bound to change. It’s already begun to change and agriculture will be affected. All phenomena will become more intensive in a warmer world,” Hillel explains.
Daniel Hillel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
He received his doctorate in soil physics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem...He is currently working as a senior research scientist at the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies at the Columbia University Earth Institute in New York


Soylent Green said...

I assume that includes the coming ice age.

Anonymous said...

Actually, all phenomena become more intense when you ingest hallucinogens.

Could this be the explanation for the behavior of the Chicken Little panic-stricken mobs demanding we revert to the stone age?