Tuesday, February 26, 2013

He don't need no stinkin' data: NYT warmist Justin Gillis tries to convince us that we need "expensive climate initiatives" so that trace amounts of CO2 don't wreck our crop yields

Feeding Ourselves on a Warming Planet - NYTimes.com
Can we muddle along without expensive climate initiatives, and go on living – and eating – as before?” the authors of the new paper ask. “Not for long, according to some of the new research on climate and agriculture.”
The Staff of Life: Wheat Trends in the U.S. | Roofus Seagull
This next graph shows the yield per acre of all types of wheat for the period 1866 through 2009

Eco-Economy Indicators - Grain Harvest | EPI


Anonymous said...

You do realize that plants need CO2 to grow, don't you. I seem to remember something called "photosynthesis".

Anonymous said...

Not only do plants need CO2, there is a whole market for greenhouse CO2 generators such as this one.