Tuesday, February 26, 2013

James Hansen, the denier
One item after another struck me as being completely at odds with measurements. For instance, Hansen claimed Earth’s energy balance is out of balance, and we are warming rapidly, but recent global surface temperatures of land and water have not increased and in fact many measures show cooling over the past 17-19 years. In the US, there has not been a new state maximum temperature record set since 1995, and in spite of the claims to the contrary, July,1936, is still the warmest month on record, set when CO2 was less than 300 parts per million. CO2 is now 395 PPM.
Ocean Temperature And Heat Content | Watts Up With That?
I find the claim that we know the average temperature of the upper ocean with an error of only one hundredth of a degree to be very unlikely … the ocean is huge beyond belief.
Speaking the Truth about the Wind Power Fantasy
[Steve Goreham] was asked on the program to rebut some nonsense about the efficiency — in economic and scientific terms — of so-called “green” energy via wind and solar.

It’s well worth four minutes of your time to watch the truth of the video below.
Rethinking wind power
If we were to cover the entire Earth with wind farms, he notes, "the system could potentially generate enormous amounts of power, well in excess of 100 terawatts, but at that point my guess, based on our climate modeling, is that the effect of that on global winds, and therefore on climate, would be severe -- perhaps bigger than the impact of doubling CO2."

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