Saturday, May 04, 2013

Rowers to Cross Northwest Passage for First time as a Result of Climate Change
The melting ice has enabled the adventurers to use their expedition as a platform to highlight the impact of climate change...Gleeson said, "We hope by making this traverse completely in a row boat, without sail or motor, in a single season we will be able to demonstrate first-hand the profound effects climate change is having on our world".
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@JamesDelingpole just driving along A8 in Portugal. Dozens of wind turbines all stationary! Utter waste of money and despoiled views.
Twitter / DrShepherd2013: Share/RT if U have friend, ...
Share/RT if U have friend, viewers etc make error of refuting warming because of today/week pattern
Twitter / DrShepherd2013: And let me remind, "#Weather ...
And let me remind, "#Weather is your mood, #climate is your personality, your mood today or this week is not an indicator of personality"
Monckton asks IPCC for correction to AR4 | Watts Up With That?
The IPCC cannot be expected to be taken seriously if apparently criminal dishonesties of this magnitude are persisted in and widely cited both by senior IPCC officials and by third parties allied to or supportive of the IPCC even long after the dishonesties have been drawn to its attention.

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