Thursday, June 20, 2013


A Troubled Start for Cambodia’s Carbon Credits | The Cambodia Daily
According to Pact, when the May 20 deadline they had set for the government to sign off on the carbon credit deal came and went without a signature, the two buyers Terra Global and Pact had spent so long nurturing simply walked away.
Andrew Revkin On Renewables, The Limits Of Information And Being In The Dangerous Middle - Forbes
What I learned from Andrew Revkin is that it is incumbent on all of us to take responsibility for reducing our carbon footprint.
Climate Fatalism - HuffPost Live
[28-min video] Some Republican lawmakers argue that it's too late to make laws to stem the tide of man-made climate change. Even some environmentalists are heading for hills, knowing they've lost the battle. So, are we really prepared for life after climate change?
Fishing report: Cold weather and cold water mean salmon fishing not hot |
Buck thinks he knows the reason why: "The water's cold, top to bottom," he said. "We just need some warmer water, and a southern wind to warm up the water in Lake Michigan."
Bill Funk of Shoreline Service Bait and Tackle agrees.
"Hopefully, we'll have summer soon," he said.
A year ago, Funk said, the surface temperature of the water was in the upper 60s. But earlier this week, the surface temperature was in the mid-40s.
Twitter / skepticscience
Cool climate metaphor by Greg Laden: Ocean is the Dog, Atmospheric Temperature is the Tail
John and Greg--is it just a coincidence that you came up with this argument after the atmosphere failed to warm for 17+ years?

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