Friday, October 11, 2013

Delusional former UN climate chief: CO2 has humanity "hanging by its fingertips"; he thinks "the sceptics have already been silenced"

Q&A: Former UN climate chief on its perils - Features - Al Jazeera English
As a keynote speaker at the Global Clean Energy Forum in Doha this week, de Boer said humanity was now "hanging by its fingertips" in the face of climate change, while worldwide political efforts to combat it were "in a coma".
Yvo de Boer: I think the sceptics have already been silenced, if I compare this report to previous reports released by the IPCC. I didn't really hear any serious criticism of the science. I think the science is now clear and accepted.


Anonymous said...

Delusional warmists TERRIFIED by FORECAST IMPLEMENTATION for ELECTRIC rain/hail/snow storms and/or quakes and/or volcanic eruptions, soon after high space electricity hit Earth, Oct. 9:
Kliuchevskoi eruption continues column of ash up to 5.3 km.
Heavy snowfall hits S. Germany
Britain braces for ferocious “Arctic plunge”
Russia – Blizzard Paralyzes Traffic on Novosibirsk Highway

Jepe, Nijmegen said...

The education of Yvo de Boer is ' social worker'. Do I need to say more?