Sunday, June 28, 2020

Some initial thoughts on Parler

--Quite a few climate skeptics are already on Parler, including Anthony Watts, Marc Morano, Tony Heller, Joe Bastardi, Chris Martz, Ben Pile, James Delingpole, JWSpry, Dr W Uddin, Jonathan Jones, Pierre Gosselin, Kirye, Chris Horner, Willie Soon, Andrew Montford, and more. I'm following all of the above people; you could scroll down here and quickly click to follow all of your favorites:

--Parler's technology is behind Twitter's tech now, but the chance for us to communicate in a place that isn't radically anti-conservative is wonderful. Having a viable competitor could encourage Twitter to be slightly less biased.

--I haven't found any Tweetdeck-like tools for Parler yet. Parler search is currently limited to users or hashtags.

---Even though I have about 150 times as many Twitter followers as Parler followers, the number of impressions I get on Twitter (left) vs Parler (right) doesn't seem wildly different. Why?

--1000 characters per post is nice

--Info on how to use Parler is available on their YouTube channel here.

--29-min interview with Parler CEO John Matze is here.

--4-min video: Parler CEO John Matze discusses social media's war on free speech and the rise of censorship.

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