Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why do so many outspoken alarmists have NASA Goddard connections?

1. Uber-alarmist James Hansen is head of NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

2. Hansen is said to be the boss of RealClimate alarmist Gavin Schmidt at NASA GISS.

3. Gristmill alarmist Andrew Dessler says he did his post-doctoral work at NASA Goddard (at about the 40 second mark here).

4. RealClimate alarmist Eli Rabbet is said to be Josh Halpern:
Prof. Halpern is also the Co-Director of the NASA Faculty Fellowship Program at Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD in odd numbered years. This program supports about 30 faculty each year to do summer research at Goddard.
When this worldwide global warming hysteria inevitably dies, it will probably become clear that a core cause was groupthink among a surprisingly small set of people.


Peter Risdon said...

Hansen's work was also at the heart of the ghlobal cooling scares of the 1970s.

al fin said...

Good catch, Tom. I've been silently wondering the same thing myself.

You may remember that when Al Gore was Vice President, he made himself "godfather" of NASA for several years.

He was influential in steering a huge "next generation shuttle" contract to political friends, and played a large part in steering the bulk of the International Space Station contracts to the Russians--who promptly provided worthless junk to the ISS, while secretly using NASA funds to build a very accurate new ICBM system.

Al Gore presumably (would have to see the budgets and listen in on tapes of high level meetings) influenced NASA budgets to concentrate more on global warming models, and less on NASA's actual mission--space.

An Inquirer said...

Yes, I have noticed that many outspoken alarmists have NASA Goddard connections. Also, this organizations displays classic Groupthink characteristics. Nevertheless, this may be a limited insight. The Groupthink mentality is also strong in Europe and in the Mann team.

Oliver Manuel said...

Outspoken alarmists over global warming have NASA Goddard connections because NASA has fudged data to support the idea that the Sun - the model for all other stars in the cosmos - is a ball of hydrogen (H).

It is not. Lightweight elements cover the surfaces of stars. The Sun's surface is 91% H and 9% He (helium), the lightest and next lightest elements, respectively.

NASA does not want the public to know that the Sun controls our climate because, the public pays attention to the weather, and this might expose the lies that NASA has told us about the Sun - the only star close enough for detailed study.

NASA has ignored the results of measurement after measurement on the Sun since 1960 which showed that the Sun separates elements by mass and selectively moves hydrogen - the lightest of all elements - to the solar surface.

Here is a link to the data:

The data are summarized here:

1. "Composition of the solar interior: Information from isotope ratios," European Space Agency SP-517 (editor: Huguette Lacoste, 2003) pp. 345-348.

2. "Isotopes tell origin and operation of the Sun," AIP Conference Proceedings, volume 822 (2006) pp. 206-225.

3. "Solar abundance of elements from neutron-capture cross sections," 36th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Abstract # 1033, Houston, TX, 14-18 March 2005

4. "The Sun is a plasma diffuser that sorts atoms by mass," Physics of Atomic Nuclei 69 (2006) pp. 1847-1856.

With kind regards,
Oliver K. Manuel