Saturday, October 04, 2008

Where's Al Gore now?

Obviously, Al Gore's personal "carbon footprint" is massive. As I dug deeper into Gore's own energy use, even I was surprised at the extent of the absolutely cartoonish gap between his words and his actions.

Remember, Al doesn't think that you should have the right to make your own hallway light bulb choice.

Some recent stops on Gore's travel schedule (which some are calling his "con-trail"):

November 4, 2010--Trinidad and Tobago
October 28, 2010--Gothenburg, Sweden
October 5, 2010--New York
October 4, 2010--Mexico
August 4, 2010--Mexico
July 22, 2010--San Diego
June 28, 2010--San Diego
Late June, 2010-London
May 5, 2010--Beverly Hills
May 5, 2010--Chicago
May 3, 2010--Singapore
April 30, 2010--Philippines
April 29, 2010--Johannesburg, South Africa
April 27, 2010--New York (afternoon)
April 27, 2010--Chicago (morning)
April 26, 2010--Denver
April 24, 2010--Italy
April 22, 2010--Montreal
April 8, 2010--North Carolina
March 27, 2010--Nevada
March 26, 2010--Brazil
March 4, 2010--Oslo
February 27, 2010--Phoenix
February 25, 2010--Cupertino
February 22, 2010--Las Vegas
January 27, 2010--San Francisco
January 16, 2010--Boston
January 14, 2010--New York
December 14, 2009--Copenhagen
December 7, 2009--Washington, DC
November 24, 2009--Toronto
November 19, 2009--Portland, Oregon
November 14, 2009--Boca Raton, Florida
November 9, 2009--San Rafael, CA
November 3, 2009--New York
October 27, 2009--Dubai
October 21, 2009--Beijing
October 16, 2009--Virginia
October 14, 2009--Argentina
October 9, 2009--Madison, Wisconsin
October 1, 2009: Washington, DC
September 28, 2009: Mexico
September 25, 2009--New Jersey
Sept 23, 2009--Pittsburgh
Sept 22, 2009--New York
Sept 19, 2009--San Francisco
Sept 18, 2009--Indianapolis
August 10, 2009--Las Vegas, Nevada
July 11-13, 2009--Melbourne, Australia
July 7, 2009--Oxford, England
June 16, 2009--Seattle
June 3, 2009: New York
May 24, 2009--Copenhagen, Denmark
April 28, 2009--Tromso, Norway
April 24, 2009--Washington, DC
April 23, 2009--Berkeley, California
April 3, 2009--Las Vegas
April 2, 2009--Salt Lake City
April 1, 2009--Chicago
March 30, 2009--Boston
March 27, 2009--New York
March 26, 2009--Tennessee
March 13, 2009--London
March 6, 2009--Santa Barbara
February 25, 2009--Cupertino, CA
February 23, 2009--Washington, DC
February 13, 2009--Chicago
February 12, 2009--Los Angeles
February 2, 2009--San Francisco
January 30, 2009--Davos, Switzerland
January 28, 2009--Washington, DC
January 20, 2009--Washington, DC
January 13, 2009--Philadelphia
December 11, 2008--Poland
December 9, 2008--Chicago
November 20, 2008--New York City
November 14, 2008--Seoul, South Korea
November 7, 2008--San Francisco
October 24, 2008--Seattle
October 22, 2008--Cambridge, Massachusetts
October 15, 2008--Stockholm
October 13, 2008--Aalsmeer, Netherlands
October 7, 2008--Nashville (!)
October 4, 2008--Des Moines, Iowa
October 4, 2008--Minneapolis
September 27, 2008--Napa
September 27, 2008--San Jose
September 25, 2008--London
September 24, 2008--New York
August 23, 2008--Boulder, Colorado
May 19, 2008--Israel
May 18, 2008--Pittsburgh
May 4, 2008--Ohio
May 3, 2008--Philadelphia
May 2, 2008--New York
April 18, 2008--Nashville
April 15, 2008--Geneva
April 11, 2008--San Francisco
April 8, 2008--Iceland
April 7, 2008--Faroe Islands
April 5, 2008--Montreal
March 18, 2008--New York
March 15, 2008--India
March 12, 2008--Poland
March 11, 2008--Geneva
March 1, 2008--Monterey, California
February 14, 2008--New York City
January 31, 2008--Atlanta
January 24, 2008--Switzerland
January 22, 2008--Sweden
January 19, 2008--Park City, Utah
Dec 13, 2007--Bali
Dec 12, 2007--Frankfurt
Dec 12, 2007--Stockholm
Dec 7, 2007--Norway
November 30, 2007--London
November 20, 2007--The Turks and Caicos Islands
November 19, 2007--New York
November 6, 2007--New York
October 26, 2007--Spain
October 25, 2007--France
October 12, 2007--Palo Alto, California
October 5, 2007--Pacific Palisades, California
Sept. 25, 2007--New York
Sept. 19, 2007--Australia
Sept. 16, 2007--Los Angeles
August 26, 2007 San Francisco
August 26, 2007 Los Angeles
August 26, 2007 Nashville
August 9, 2007--Hong Kong
July 9, 2007--New Jersey
July 9, 2007--Washington, DC
July 3, 2007--London
June 20, 2007--South Africa
June 12, 2007--Istanbul
June 3, 2007--Denver
May 29, 2007--Washington, DC
May 24, 2007--New York City
May 23, 2007--San Francisco
May 22, 2007--Beverly Hills
May 11, 2007--Argentina
April 17, 2007--Nashville
April 13, 2007--New York
April 3, 2007--San Jose
April 2, 2007--Arizona
March 29, 2007--Oslo
March 22, 2007--Montreal
March 12, 2007--London
March 7, 2007--Brussels
February 25, 2007--Hollywood
February 6, 2007--Madrid
January 28, 2007--New York City
January 20, 2007--Century City, California
January 18, 2007--London
January 15, 2007--Tokyo

Note that this is only a partial list.

For example:
Gore is a businessman these days —— sitting on the boards of Apple Computer Inc. and Current TV, the cable and satellite channel he started with investor Joel Hyatt —— "and those take him (to the Bay Area) pretty regularly for board meetings and the like," said his spokeswoman, Kalee Kreider.
When he's not in a fossil fuel-powered jet, maybe Gore is relaxing in one of these three homes:
[Al and Tipper] have a new multimillion-dollar home in a tony section of Nashville and a family home in Virginia, and have recently bought a multimillion-dollar condo at the St. Regis condo/hotel in San Francisco.
A video of Gore taking a private jet is here.

A related article is here, entitled "Gore home's energy use: 20 times average".


Anonymous said...

Can anyone complete the list beyond early April? Hope so - it is important to know what is coming up in this campaign against rational thought.

Anonymous said...

Interesting piece. I used it in my blogg. I have written about this master hypocrite and Mr Doom and Gloom before. I will give you two more date for your collection.

Dec 12 Stockholm
Dec 12 Frankfurt

The Swedish government used the official government airplane to first fetch him in Oslo then later transport him to Frankfurt at a cost to the taxpayers of $ 22.000. Yep, he was given the royal treatment al right.

Anonymous said...

I used it in my blog before and now I updated it. I will give you one more date for your collection.

Oct 15 Stockholm

Al Gore will give his standard speech 1A (Instant Doom and Gloom) have some VIP mingle "Green Friends VIP" and meeting some honoraries. Admission 3.750 Kr ($ 536) per person.

It’s going to be interesting to se if the Swedish government is going to use the official government airplane to fetch and leave him this time too. But they will no doubt give him the royal treatment (which he likes so much) as usual.

Anonymous said...

Odd, Gore doesn't seem to have said what an apporpriate carbon footprint was for someone with this many appearances, and maintaining two at-home offices - which makes this blog a lie.

Maybe the idiot who wrote this can come up with someone with the same responsiblities but a greener lifestyle? lol

Maybe then he can explain what this has to do with anything but his Gore-worship. =)

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Why doesn't Al Gore debate on the Global Warming issue? Wait, I think I understand. He'd be exposed as a fraud and the positions on Corporate Boards, with "green" money making plans, would dry up, he'd lose all power and prestige and have to live on the hundreds million he already made from fostering this bull. I apologize for asking such a silly question.

Paul Trammel said...

30-Mar-2010: RALEIGH, N.C. | Gore gets camera-shy for N.C. speech, limits media

MikeSnow said...

On NASA's climate for kids page, they state categorically that man is causing "fast" global warming...

and ask, "WHO is helping? People who live in tiny houses." I asked, "you mean people like Gore and Hansen?"

Not sure if that is still there;

Al and Pachauri make a great pair of huge carbon footprints!