Monday, June 02, 2008

Stephen Wilde sixth article: The Death Blow to AGW.


Anonymous said...

Stephen Wilde is not entitled to use the letters F.R.Met.S. after his name. He has no science qualifications. The list of real fellows may be checked here:

Anonymous said...

I wonder why someone would make a false claim like that? It is easy to check the list at rmets and see that Stephen Wilde is being "economical with the truth".

Stephen Wilde said...

It seems that in the late 90's it became necessary for those of us who were already Fellows of the Society to apply for accreditation if we wished to use the Letters. I was not aware of that.

I have been invited to apply for accreditation which may or may not be granted.

In the meantime I cannot use the Letters but I can say I have been a Fellow since 1968 (my membership card says as much).

My position is made quite clear by the first paragraph of my first article and by the personal details in the Contributor section at

My articles should be assessed on their own merits.

Anonymous said...

Stephen has admitted elsewhere that, in the late 1990s, it became necessary for those of whom were already Fellows to apply for accreditation to use the Letters. He candidly accepts that he was not aware of that. He has now applied for accreditation. It makes no material difference to the undeniable quality of his articles.

Anonymous said...

A Compilation of the Arguments that Irrefutably Prove that Climate Change is driven by Solar Activity and not by CO2 Emission

Dr. Gerhard Löbert, Otterweg 48, 85598 Baldham, Germany. March 6, 2008.
Physicist. Recipient of The Needle of Honor of German Aeronautics.
Program Manager "CCV, F 104G" (see Internet).
Program Manager "Lampyridae, MRMF" (see Internet)
Conveyor of a super-Einsteinian theory of gravitation that explains, among many other post-Einstein-effects, the Sun-Earth-Connection and the true cause of the global climate changes.

I. Climatological facts

As the glaciological and tree ring evidence shows, climate change is a natural phenomenon that has occurred many times in the past, both with the magnitude as well as with the time rate of temperature change that have occurred in the recent decades. The following facts prove that the recent global warming is not man-made but is a natural phenomenon.

1. In the temperature trace of the past 10 000 years based on glaciological evidence, the recent decades have not displayed any anomalous behaviour. In two-thirds of these 10 000 years, the mean temperature was even higher than today. Shortly before the last ice age the temperature in Greenland even increased by 15 degrees C in only 20 years. All of this without any man-made CO2 emission!

2. There is no direct connection between CO2 emission and climate warming. This is shown by the fact that these two physical quantities have displayed an entirely different temporal behaviour in the past 150 years. Whereas the mean global temperature varied in a quasi-periodic manner, with a mean period of 70 years, the CO2 concentration has been increasing exponentially since the 1950's. The sea level has been rising and the glaciers have been shortening practically linearly from 1850 onwards. Neither time trace showed any reaction to the sudden increase of hydrocarbon burning from the 1950's onwards.

3. The hypothesis that the global warming of the past decades is man-made is based on the results of calculations with climate models in which the main influence on climate is not included. The most important climate driver (besides solar luminosity) comes from the interplay of solar activity, interplanetary magnetic field strength, cosmic radiation intensity, and cloud cover of the Earth atmosphere. As is shown in Section II, this phenomenon is generated by the action of galactic vacuum density waves on the core of the Sun.

4. The extremely close correlation between the changes in the mean global temperature and the small changes in the rotational velocity of the Earth in the past 150 years (see Fig. 2.2 of, which has been ignored by the mainstream climatologists, leaves little room for a human influence on climate. This close correlation results from the action of galactic vacuum density waves on the Sun and on the Earth (see Section II). Note that temperature lags rotation by 6 years.

5. From the steady decrease of the rotational velocity of the Earth that set in in Dec. 2003, it can reliably be concluded that the mean Earth temperature will decrease again in 2010 for the duration of three decades as it did from 1872 to 1913 and from 1942 to 1972.

6. The RSS AMSU satellite measurements show that the global temperature has not increased since 2001 despite the enormous worldwide CO2 emissions. Since 2006 it has been decreasing again.

II. Physical explanation for the strong correlation between fluctuations of the rotational velocity and changes of the mean surface temperature of the Earth

Despite its great successes, the gravitational theory of the great physicist Albert Einstein, General Relativity, (which is of a purely geometric nature and is totally incompatible with the highly successful quantum theory) must be discarded because this theory is completely irreconcilable with the extremely large energy density of the vacuum that has been accurately measured in the Casimir experiment.

Seaon Theory, a new theory of gravitation based on quantum mechanics that was developed eight decades after General Relativity, not only covers the well-known Einstein-effects but also shows up half a dozen post-Einstein effects that occur in nature. From a humanitarian standpoint, the most important super-Einsteinian physical phenomenon is the generation of small-amplitude longitudinal gravitational waves by the motion of the supermassive bodies located at the center of our galaxy, their transmission throughout the Galaxy, and the action of these waves on the Sun, the Earth and the other celestial bodies through which they pass. These vacuum density waves, which carry with them small changes in the electromagnetic properties of the vacuum, occur in an extremely large period range from minutes to millennia.

On the Sun, these vacuum waves modulate the intensity of the thermonuclear energy conversion process within the core, and this has its effect on all physical quantities of the Sun (this is called solar activity). This in turn has its influences on the Earth and the other planets. In particular, the solar wind and the solar magnetic field strength are modulated which results in large changes in the intensity of the cosmic radiation reaching the Earth. Cosmic rays produce condensation nuclei so that the cloud cover of the atmosphere and the Earth albedo also change.

On the Earth, the steady stream of vacuum density waves produces parts-per-billion changes in a large number of geophysical quantities. The most important quantities are the radius, circumference, rotational velocity, gravitational acceleration, VLBI baseline lengths, and axis orientation angles of the Earth, as well as the orbital elements of all low-earth-orbit satellites. All of these fluctuations have been measured.

Irrefutable evidence for the existence of this new, super-Einsteinian wave type is provided by the extremely close correlation between changes of the mean temperature and fluctuations of the mean rotational velocity of the Earth. (see the figure referred to in Section I.4). Einsteinian theory cannot explain this amazing correlation between two physical quantities that seem to be completely unrelated.

While the rotational velocity of the Earth and the thermonuclear energy conversion process on the Sun react simultaneously to the passage of a vacuum density wave, a time span of 6 years is needed for the energy to be transported from the core of the Sun to the Earth's atmosphere and for the latter's reaction time.

As can be seen, super-Einsteinian gravitation reveals the true cause of climate change.

Anonymous said...

Gravitation waves have never yet been detected. Wilde's assertions based on fine details of an undetected phenomenon sound like arguments for the existence of God. Better go read your Dawkins Mr. Wilde, and good luck with your 'credentials'.

Anonymous said...

Gravitation waves are not part of my concept.

Saalman has been confused by the post from 'anonymous'.

Has he read my article ?

Anonymous said...

Adding to njp and contradicting Wilde himself, he is specifically NOT a full professional Fellow of RMetS - and NOT entitled to use the letters FRMetS after his name.

He did NOT become a Fellow in 1968. He joined in that year as a student member, and became, under the then-applicable policy, a Fellow in 1971. A few years ago the Royal Meteorological Society changed its vetting standards for membership and fellowship, requiring specific standards of education and/or professional standing in order to qualify. Mr. Wilde did not and does not meet these standards, but the Society, in a gesture of diplomacy, extended to him and others in his situation the privilege of continuing to refer to themselves, by courtesy, as Fellows. The membership card for such members list them as Fellow, but their names do not appear in the Society's online public lists of Fellows. Apparently no public list of members in other categories is published online, but the Society can confirm the above through their online contact feature.

It IS somewhat puzzling that Mr. Wilde continues to let stand the statement that he's been a Fellow 'since 1968, and does not formulate this aspect of his personal qualifications in a completely above-board, transparent manner.

The worst of that is an impression that perhaps he's content for the reader to take it he's qualified in some way that he is not, which seems to carry a bit of potential to mislead. He's a passionate amateur, if the best that can be said of this, may be.

Anonymous said...

The first sentence of my first article and the personal details in the Contributors section at CO2 makes my status entirely clear.

There are those who dislike what I say without being able to discredit it on logical or scientific grounds and so are determined to make something out of nothing.

Anonymous said...

Actually Mr. Wilde's bio materials, referred to above, are anything BUT clear. So long as he permits statements to stand, including 'Fellow since 1968' he is actively broadcasting an untruth.

Since about September 2008 on the site he has presented himself as 'Meteorologist Stephen Wilde, which, given his actual employment as 'solicitor' and his lack of scientific credentials, seems just a bit much.

A fake.

Anonymous said...

The site owner at has kindly appointed me a the site meteorologist despite my admitted amateur status.

I have confirmed elsewhere that I am not entitled to use the letters FRMetS but am still entitled to refer to myself as a Fellow of the Society as a courtesy title.

It would be as well if this page were corrected to remove the designation FRMetS set out above.

I know who 'anonymous' is. He has been conducting a vendetta against me for some time.

There are currently 3 or 4 AGW proponents doing the same thing.

I take that as a compliment because if my articles had no substance no one would trouble me.

Anonymous said...

I am very much a AGW skeptic (not an unbeliever) - and trained in science. However, I find the articles by Stephen Wilde quite unhelpful and can only harm the cause of serious analysis of AGW.

Mr Wilde's writings have no math, no references to other authors ideas and contain bald unsubstantiated statements with no references that are then relied on to forward an argument.

Mr Wilde often makes references that are in terms of the science of Physics - school boy howlers.

To top it all off, he often states that his ideas and comments "fit to real world events" better than the AGW hypothesis. I certainly cannot see that as his ideas are so vague and expressed with no mathematics or quantitative expression.

I wish I did not have to see him contribute to blogs which actually promote serious debate on these imortnat issues.

Anonymous said...

If there are indeed any 'schoolboy howlers' then they can be notified to me at the website.

Even if there are some they will be misapprehensions shared by many so an honest criticism would involve pointing them out to assist me and readers.

Anonymous said...

Been following this little ker-fluffle over Wilde fer some time. Boy. Maybe he'd better look over his shoulder, them para-noids be after him fer sure!

Stephen Wilde said, 'If there are indeed any 'schoolboy howlers' then they can be notified to me at the website.'

Ah- right. Been pee-rusing the Co2scep site and notice how diligent Wilde 'n' his crew are. Some inter'sting posts pop up alright - usually pointing out calmly where Wilde flubs de dub, is unclear, or outright off the beam scientifically - and guess what? Those are the posts that mysteriously disappear!

(Little traces: 'Removed by admin.' or something like that. Talk about 'open discussion.' NOT.)

'Course right in this thread we have the weaseller himself. C'mon. See, the posts above are clear enough. You've been had, Wilde, by your own silly posturing. The part about your 'fellow-ship' just being the most obvious and stupid ploy.

Who believes you? And then you pose as a 'scientific' expert and say you're gonna bridge the gap twixt scientists and the 'public'.

I can't understand your writing half the time and I'm not too stupid, nor unprepared. You just ain't making a sensible statement, half the time.

At least.

Stephen Wilde said...

I look at the Earth with the oceans and air as a single entity obstructing the flow of energy from the sun.

Short wave solar energy hits the Earth, some gets absorbed by Earth, oceans and air and is then radiated out as long wave energy.

In the course of that process heat energy is released around the planet and radiated out with the rest of the electromagnetic energy received from the sun. The shift from short wave to long wave is just like the reduction in voltage as a current passes through a resistor thereby generating heat.

That entire process, taken as a whole, sets the so called equilibrium temperature of the planet.

The air is a contributor to the equilibrium temperature albeit miniscule as against the effect of the oceans.

CO2 is a contributor to the equilibrium temperature albeit miniscule as against the effect of the air.

Human CO2 is a contributor to the portion of the equilibrium temperature provided by CO2 albeit miniscule as against the effect of the rest of the CO2.

The climate scientist Tyndall and his successors upon whom so many now rely was concerned only about human produced CO2 which is but a tiny bit of the natural CO2 which is but a tiny bit of the air which is but a tiny bit of the entire effect. He ignored the oceans completely as do all climate change alarmists to this day.

He is 100% right about that tiny, tiny, tiny bit but 100% wrong about the significance of that tiny, tiny, tiny bit for the equilibrium temperature of the planet.

That is why all attempts to date at modelling the climate have failed and they will continue to fail for the foreseeable future until we know a great deal more about the oceans.

That's the clearest and simplest way I can put it.