Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Google Trends (US and UK) illustrates the public's fading interest in global warming


April E. Coggins said...

On Earth Day, I typed in "global warming hoax" several times because I wanted to send a message to Google. I wonder if they included my queries?

Anonymous said...

I notice my modest little editorial for the layman is ranked #5 out of about 1,210,000 English pages when I search for "Global Warming Hoax". I certainly didn't plan it that way, but it goes a long way to explaining why that page gets so much traffic and why I get so much email on the subject.

I should start selling Carbon Credits off of that page, why should the Greenies get all of the gravy? Let's see... for every dollar they contribute, I'll drop a dandelion seed into my neighbor's lawn as a means of carbon sequestration.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing! Only in march, 2009, the query "global warming hoax" in Google Trends has returned some result to me, here in Brazil! How can this happen ??? Is google filtering and hidden results ??