Thursday, August 28, 2008

12 Factors Affect Earth's Temperature; Global Cooling Could be Greater Concern
How much impact mankind has had on earth’s temperature – which is the issue at the crux of current controversies – is hard to determine, according to [geologist Leighton] Steward. Of the 18 factors which impact earth’s temperature, mankind is probably the least of them.
And, earth has been much colder than it is now. “Ithaca, New York was 1.8 miles under snow and ice just 11,000 years ago,” according to Steward.
The movements of the continents more dramatically affect sea levels and have more immediate impacts than does CO2, said Steward. Earth’s continents move two to three inches a year, substantially less than the 7-9 inches they moved annually 100 million years ago.

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