Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Canada - Dion Shifts Away from Green Shift
The Conservatives are calling Dion's move that of a "desparate politician". The Conservatives state, "Today Mr. Dion is expected to attempt to buy the silence of his critics by promising to spend millions of additional carbon tax dollars – new spending that was not contained in his original carbon tax plan.

"It is the desperate move of a desperate politician. No one with an ounce of common sense should believe Mr. Dion has had a deathbed conversion on the eve of a potential election campaign.

"By admitting that his plan contains a secret slush fund containing millions of extra carbon tax dollars, Mr. Dion is also exposing his carbon tax for what it truly is – a massive tax grab designed to fuel out-of-control Liberal spending…a far cry from the “revenue neutral” carbon tax that he once tried to trick Canadians into buying.

"Indeed, Mr. Dion’s about-face on the holes in his carbon tax is just the latest of his many flip-flops".

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