Sunday, December 07, 2008

American Thinker: Al Gore and the Bard
But at least in my imagination, Shakespeare mentions the former vice president in several places. In some passages, as we will see, the Bard mentions both Al Gore and president-elect Barack Obama... Betting against the crowd can be profitable, but it's no picnic
Twenty-five years ago, serious scientists were worried that we were facing a new Ice Age, and magazines were filled with dire predictions. Yet the world is still warm. Those who shorted electric-heater stocks probably made money.

Today, many good souls still believe man-made climate change is ruining the planet and we must all go to clean energy, like windmills, or ethanol. Yet NASA scientists insist sunspots are responsible for Earth's temperature cycles, not man. Some ethanol plants have already gone bust, and if the disbelievers are right, others will follow suit. Unconvinced? You are of course allowed to hold virtuous opinions in charitable activities, but in business it'll cost you. [Via CO2Sceptics]
Wind Watch: "Energy firms refuse to pass on cost cuts; We need profits to fund wind farms, says Eon chief"
Energy firms will refuse to pass on all of the savings they make on cheaper wholesale gas and electricity to consumers, one of the UK’s top energy bosses admitted this weekend.

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