Saturday, December 13, 2008

BBC NEWS | Americas | Southern US hit by rare snowfall
Snow has blanketed parts of the US states of Louisiana and Mississippi, causing disruption and leaving thousands without power.

Up to eight inches of snow were reported in some areas, blocking roads and forcing offices to close.
Public Service Company of New Hampshire said an unprecedented 230,000 customers - nearly half of the homes and businesses it serves - were without power at one point.

The outages had far surpassed the infamous ice storm of 1998, when some residents spent more than a week without power, utility officials said.
Opposition critics meet first time since signing coalition
Dryden countered that Prime Minister Harper has always been a skeptic of the climate change science, and his "change" on the issue was only a political change once he started to realize Canadians cared about action on climate change.
Elizabeth May perhaps has the sternest words for the Prime Minister and his climate policy: "I would rather die than to see government block progress on the only agreement we are going to get (on climate change)," she said.
My Way News - Northeast ice storm leaves 1.25M without power
CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - An ice storm to compare with some of the Northeast's worst made a mess of the region Friday, leaving 1.25 million homes and businesses in seven states without power as it forced schools to close and toppled ice-laden trees and power lines onto slippery roads.

Most of the outages were in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine and New York, and it was expected to take several days to completely restore electricity. The storm wreaked havoc from Maine to Pennsylvania, leaving a sparkling, ice-covered landscape that was too destructive for many to find beautiful.

"This is pathetic," said Bob Cott of Portland, Maine, who lost power. "I'm already sick of winter and we have nine days to go before it officially begins."

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