Thursday, January 22, 2009

A convenient truth --
The authors argue that due to incredibly bad luck, many temperature stations scattered throughout the Anarctic continent are located in random, isolated pockets of cooling that defy the overall warming trend. The odds of this being the case are quite remote, and the theory is notably short on reliable evidence.

Adding to the dubious nature of the study's conclusion is the authors' self-interest in silencing an embarrassing mountain of raw temperature data that contradict the authors' global warming theory.

It's dismaying how global warming alarmists worship at the altar of alleged "consensus" that global warming has reached crisis proportions, but then totally abandon the appeal to consensus (such as the Antarctic is cooling) when it is convenient to do so.
NASCAR update: Why not sail-powered cars?
Brian France says NASCAR is making efforts to be more green. France mentioned the committee he leads at NASCAR met with former VP Al Gore about the subject. As a result of that meeting, NASCAR has created a position of managing director of green innovation. That person will plan and executive an industry-wide green initiative.
Alleged warm weather threat to Nordic frogs
Global warming leads to the water in which frogs live heating up, evaporating and becoming shallower, so ultraviolet rays find it easier to penetrate their habitats and cause mutations.
UK: Cold weather wipes out a whole generation of frogs
The cold snap has been bad news for the common frog tadpoles, wiping out a whole generation of frogs as their shallow breeding pools have been turned to thick ice with heavy frosts on three consecutive nights.

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