Sunday, March 29, 2009

Joe Romm: Chief Warmist censor -- attacks Freeman Dyson
As usual with the Green/Left, Romm substitutes abuse for rational argument. He has to. It would in fact be amusing to see him debate the facts with Freeman Dyson. He wouldn't last 5 minutes. Dyson has forgotten more science than Romm ever knew -- making the whole attack rather amusing, on the whole: The midget attacks the mountain. Many critics of Warmism are in fact eminent scientists -- against whom mere propagandists like Romm and Al Gore make a sorry contrast. As far as I can see, Romm has NO scientific achievements to his credit. His life after graduating has been wholly political
I've put in over two dozen bulbs in the house, and I haven’t noticed any drop in my electric bill. With weather, etc., it’s hard to really compare, but it’s about the same as last year. That’s kind of disappointing.
Outdoorsmen have tough time agreeing on climate change | Outdoors |
I find it a little hard to make a worthwhile position statement without all the facts," said Ricks Pluennecke of Fort Worth, a consultant on plant science and wildlife issues.

Pluennecke, who enjoys hunting, added that, "I get more concerned about people who have totally made their minds up and, frankly, may not know what they’re talking about."

Pete Delkus, chief meteorologist at WFAA/Ch. 8, attends national conferences with other weather experts and he reports, "There’s no consensus on this issue."

Delkus, an upland game hunter, said he believes the planet cycles in and out of periods of wet and dry.

"Here in North Texas, the coldest years on record were in the 70s," he said. "We had 62 freezes in the winter of 1977-78. But the fewest we’ve had were back in the 1930s. Remember what happened back then? We were in the Dust Bowl.

"So, we go through these cycles."
Scientists Cool to the warming idea
What: Willie Soon of Harvard and David Legates of the University of Delaware discuss their view that carbon-dioxide emissions have little or nothing to do with global warming

When: Monday, 7 p.m., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, room W179 of the Student Union, 2200 E. Kenwood Blvd., Milwaukee.

- Tuesday, 7 p.m., Calvary Memorial Church, 4001 Washington Ave., Racine.

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