Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Arctic will be ice-free within a decade - Telegraph
Records for the Arctic only go back as far as 1979, when it became possible to collect data from space, however scientists are confident that the current levels of ice are lower than they have been for at least a century from observational records.

"It could be several hundred thousand years ago the last time we were ice free, it was certainly seven to eight hundred years since we have had close to conditions like we have now," added Dr Meier.

He said the melting of the Arctic is happening much faster than previously anticipated because of man made climate change.
Hope shines in dim Earth Hour at Edsa Shangri-La | ABS-CBN News Online Beta
Floating lanterns lit up the swimming pool, giving gentle illumination. Guests enjoyed smoked salmon on sun-dried tomato muffins, spicy shrimps and refreshing pandan crème brulee, among other delicious treats served by waiters with artfully-painted make-up. A video of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” also played, reminding and awakening awareness regarding the effects of climate change.
Global warming zealots cause harm | News-Leader.com | Springfield News-Leader
As a person facing old age and a fixed income living, my supposed "golden years" are looking to be more of a trial by fire than enjoying grandchildren and fond memories. The future national debt will pale in comparison to the present and future cost of energy governed by global warming zealots eager to sacrifice any modicum of comfort at the altar of their "green religion".

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