Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bravo, Marc Morano

Why Reason [Wins]: Special Marc Morano Edition | The Intersection | Discover Magazine
Marc Morano has long been Senator James Inhofe’s top global warming spinmeister and talking head. His special ability is to argue super-fast, spewing out questionable claims, a kind of howitzer of climate “skepticism.” (Below, for example, see Morano’s recent debate with Joe Romm provided in its first installment, with the second here. Joe tries to be patient in debating Morano, and to correct him as much as possible–a valiant attempt, but it’s simply impossible to correct everything Morano says as he bowls you over with dubious assertions.)
The thing is, this stuff is totally going to work. Morano is going to get on TV, and he’s going to sow more doubt about global warming. He’s quite effective at this–frankly, even as I lament it, I’m also impressed by his skill–and has a think tank behind him. And they’re willing to fight damn hard to get their point of view across.

In my view, while it may be justified (not to mention hard to resist), it’s rather pointless to get mad at Morano, or CFACT, over this. They’re playing the game to win, and they’re very good at it. Frankly, we should be paying close attention to their tactics, and even trying learn from them.
Why Reason [Wins] : From Lubos Motl in the comment section
I agree with Chris that Marc Morano is an excellent debater and that there are no good debaters or thinkers on the other, concerned side. The main reason is that the “climate concerns” don’t make any rational sense, so it is clear that whoever is able to believe a “dangerous global warming”, can’t be a terribly good or fast thinker. It can be expected that she or he can’t debate well, either.

The champions of climate concerns are not stimulated to think about the ideas, they are not led to discuss - because the debate is over - which are additional factors that make their brains stagnate and, indeed, disintegrate.
What are we going to do about the Marc Moranos of this world? : The Island of Doubt
Chris may be right. We may need to take on these people when and wherever. But it's going to take an awful lot of warriors, and they're going to have to be armed with more than intellect. They're going to need training in media relations, public speaking and diplomacy. And they're going to need to be on the ground yesterday.

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