Thursday, April 16, 2009

Breaking: Wind-energy chief executive worries about birds breathing CO2
Ditlev Engel, president and chief executive of the Danish wind-energy company Vestas, said anecdotal evidence about birds being caught in turbine blades and other environmental horror stories do not usually hold up under scrutiny.

"Do people think it's better all those birds are breathing CO2? I'm not a scientist, but I doubt it," said Engel, whose company is expanding its U.S. manufacturing and distribution operations. "Let's get the facts on the table and not the feelings. The fact is, these are not issues."
Climate change research: Weather hampers Arctic mission | Climate Realists
With each day we feel the wheels are coming off this mission to PROVE "Man Made Climate Change". The following report is from the Guardian, and it has told it as best it can, but one thing it can't do is say how warm it is!!!
Energy Tribune - Solar Isn’t Green Enough For California
Unless some tortoise wanders into them, because one of the great concerns with these solar plants is that they might do an unspecified harm to the desert tortoise. What, global warming is not as important as a single tortoise? I thought we were in a race for the life of the whole planet here. I guess we now see who wins in a race between the tortoise and the air.

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