Thursday, May 14, 2009

And since he's famous, we can just assume that he knows what he's talking about: Actor Michael McConaughey goes green
3. If he were president
I’d go straight to the most basic necessities: clean water and clean air. I’d start with the run-off—what contaminants are bleeding into the rivers, lakes, streams and ponds? I’d make sure the effects of global warming are high in our consciousness, because we can dirty up Mother Nature, but she’s gonna beat us up for it.
Markey compares Susan Boyle to massive climate fraud bill
Waxman and Massachusetts Rep. Ed Markey, who chairs the climate change subcommittee, noted the intensity and difficulty of the negotiations.

Markey called the bill “a legislative Susan Boyle,” referencing the British woman who shocked viewers with her polished singing voice. "Everyone underestimated it until it began to sing.”

Waxman said he expects the bill to pass the committee by the Memorial Day recess, a deadline he set earlier in the session. Assuming no Republicans vote for the legislation, he can lose the votes of up to six Democrats and still pass a bill out of committee.

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