Sunday, May 10, 2009

Charlie’s green lightbulb costs taxpayer £72k
PRINCE Charles’ star-studded climate-change crusade was under a cloud last night as a row raged over his favourite solar power station.

Official figures have revealed the £4million project at Woking, Surrey, produced only enough electricity in one year to power a single 100-watt lightbulb for just 59 days.

That’s an electrifying cost of £72,000 per day – funded by taxpayers and energy trusts.
The council said “inclement weather” had been one factor in the poor performance.

But one cynic commented: “If you’re building a solar power station the main ingredient has to be a bit of sun. Maybe they should encourage some global warming!”
Philippines: Bill imposing tax on plastic bags pushed
TO discourage the use of plastic bag in supermarkets, groceries, service stations and similar establishments, a legislator wants to impose a P2.50 excise tax on these nonbiodegradable materials which, he said have contributed to the destruction of the environment.

Nacionalista Party Rep. Al Francis Bichara of Albay said House Bill 4134 would encourage the shoppers to use bags made of biodegradable items to help protect the environment and combat the effects of global warming.
Antarctic Sea Ice Trend by Pixel « the Air Vent
Well there it is. I was quite surprised the trend wasn’t smoother from pixel to pixel. I notice that in the first plot, the ice is demonstrating a growing trend on the top and bottom edges of the plot quite strongly while at the peninsula only the very tip is showing melting. The same spot where seven manned surface stations are maintained.

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